Online Membership Application System

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  1. If you have never applied for CSE sports membership before, please create your account first to submit your application.
  2. For current sports member holding Facilities Access Card (FAC), a user account has been set up for the principal already. To sign in for the first time, principal members please use your FAC no. (e.g. A988888) and HKID no. (e.g. G1234567) as the username and password respectively. You can change your password after login. There is no need for current members to create a new account again.
  3. For new applicants, please use your registered email and password (the one you set at the time of account creation) as the username and password respectively to sign in.
  4. For previous spouse / child (aged 18 or above) members who now would like to apply for membership as a principal (except for alumni membership), please apply as a new member by creating an account first.
  5. Please click HERE for a FAC sample.
  6. Video tutorials on how to use the system to make new / renewal application.
  7. FAQs and Eligibility / Entitlement on CSE membership scheme.
  8. Enquires on online applications:
  9. Feedback on this online system: .

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